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A Natural, Non-Prescription Way to Treat Oral Pain and Swelling

Denta-Cool™ is a natural, non-narcotic, reusable, cryotherapy device that has been proven effective against mouth, tooth, oral nerve and gum pain.

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Feel the Benefits Of Using Cryotherapy For Oral Pain And Swelling Relief

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Instant Relief.

Denta-Cool™ provides a unique and innovative method to treat oral pain by cooling the mouth from the inside.

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How it Works

Cooling the mouth (oral cryotherapy) during and after dental procedures and treatments has been clinically proven effective in managing post-operative oral pain and discomfort. Denta-Cool™ is simply a more effective and faster way of cooling the mouth and targeting the exact areas that cause pain and swelling.

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Perfect for Chronic Oral Pain and Swelling

Because it was specially designed to chill the entire oral cavity, numbing nerves and soothing swelling and inflammation from cheek to cheek, the Denta-Cool™ cryotherapy mouthpiece can provide relief for your entire gum line simultaneously.

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An Alternative to Opiates and Opioids for Oral and Dental Surgery

The Denta-Cool™ is an especially effective solution for young or older patients who are unable to take certain types of medication and also those who avoid the use of opioids/medication for pain. The Denta-Cool™ is medication-free, reusable, and does not require a prescription.

100% Natural and Reusable

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Denta-Cool™ is a unique, patent pending and ergonomic oral cryotherapy device. This FDA registered medical device provides relief to dental patients after oral and gum surgeries, tooth extractions, dental implants and maxillofacial surgeries. Denta-Cool™ mouthpiece delivers continuous cooling for the entire oral cavity. It provides more comfortable and better relief from oral pain, swelling and discomfort than external ice packs without a prescription and no prescription drugs.


Now dental professionals and maxillofacial surgeons can improve the quality of care they provide to patients after dental procedures. Denta-Cool™ helps reduce oral pain and swelling after invasive dental procedures by keeping the mouth cool and comfortable from the inside for an extended period of time.