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Professional Testimonials

Christian Thomas Yaste, DDS
Dr. Christian Thomas Yaste, DDS

“Recently, I was given the opportunity to beta test a new medical device that is coming on to the dental market. The product is the Denta-Cool oral cold therapy device. This FDA registered device is unlike anything I have ever seen before in my 23 years of practicing dentistry and I am interested in the possibilities it may have to impact the comfort and healing of patients who have undergone dental surgery.  

One of the growing areas in our practice is providing full arch dental implant solutions for fully or partially edentulous patients. We have completed over 150 of these cases in the past 18 months and generally we observe significant post-operative discomfort, swelling, and bruising. Obviously, all patients do not respond the same to surgery, however laying full thickness flaps and removing remarkable amounts of bone and teeth is traumatic regardless of a patients age, medical status, pain tolerance, etc. Generally, patients going through moderate to extensive dental surgery are prescribed opioids and or antibiotics and sometimes glucocorticoids. Most know that recently there has been a massive spotlight shown on opioid prescribing and the tendency of abuse and overuse. The media has called attention to it as has the government and agencies within the dental industry. Opioids can be very effective for the management of acute pain; however, they are getting so much negative attention that providers are seeking alternatives, and rightly so.  

“Cryotherapy” is nothing new to dentists. For many years we have recommended that patients use ice packs and even bags of frozen vegetables and the like to hold against the side of the face after dental surgery. The cold can reduce inflammation and swelling, as well as slow down nerve conduction, and increase pain tolerance and threshold. Unfortunately, it has never been easy for a dentist to have the cold applied anywhere but outside on the face and not close to or directly intra orally…. until now.

My current observations after having a patient use the Denta-Cool device after full mouth extractions, and maxillary/mandibular full arch dental implant surgery were impressive. The patient who used the Denta-Cool device in conjunction with extraoral application of an ice pack had less pain and swelling than any other patient I have treated with this surgical technique. In addition, the patient described minimal pain and only used opioids for 48 hours after surgery, switching then to acetaminophen and anti-inflammatories.  

I am excited to be able to provide a cost effective and easy-to-use solution to patients in my practice who have had to undergo a substantial surgical procedure. And, I am hopeful to furnish more patients with the opportunity to use this device.”

Dr. Christian Thomas Yaste, DDS
Faculty & Clinical Instructor
CHROME Guided Implant System

DISCLAIMER: Denta-Cool provided free products and compensated the spokesperson for the time spent in evaluation. The views expressed are based upon spokesperson’s independent review.