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Denta-Cool Is Launching First-Of-A-Kind Intraoral Cryotherapy Device

Find out about the new, holistic, non-opioid method to treat oral pain effectively.

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Contact: Yana Viardo
PR and Marketing Manager

dentalcool sample - Denta-Cool Is Launching First-Of-A-Kind Intraoral Cryotherapy Device

Denta-Cool Is Launching First-Of-A-Kind Intraoral Cryotherapy Device

The New Device Can Replace Ice Chips as a More Effective Oral Cryotherapy Method.

Closter, N.J. (December 12, 2018) – Denta-Cool, a revolutionary cryotherapy device designed to effectively reduce oral pain and swelling for dental patients, is launching its product on the North American and international markets. Denta-Cool is a therapeutically designed intraoral mouthpiece that engages with the entire oral cavity to provide cooling and reduce discomfort for dental patients who suffer from post-operative pain and swelling. The Denta-Cool mouthpiece is now available to specialists in the dental and maxillofacial industry and can be reused by patients at home after refreezing.

The Denta-Cool mouthpiece was designed to help dentists and oral surgeons manage and reduce patients’ post-operational oral pain, swelling, and discomfort. While anesthetic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs can address resultant oral pain and inflammation, cryotherapy, or cooling of the mouth, teeth, root surfaces and gums, during or after dental treatment has been proven to significantly reduce the patients’ discomfort and has helped to manage post-operational dental pain and swelling.

The intraoral thermal scans showed that the Denta-Cool mouthpiece worked more effectively and efficiently than ice chips by engaging the entire oral cavity and comfortably cooling it. Before Denta-Cool, there has not been a cryotherapy-based treatment that effectively provided cooling of the entire oral cavity comfortably from the inside.

Typically, oral cooling involves external ice packs to reduce pain and swelling — or placing ice inside the mouth and replenishing it as needed. But cryotherapy administered this way can be problematic. Holding ice in the mouth can be extremely uncomfortable and external ice packs do not get to the source of pain and swelling.

About Denta-Cool

The Denta-Cool mouthpiece is the only oral cryotherapy device for the inside of the mouth that comfortably cools the entire oral cavity. The device offers a whole new way to provide consistent cooling relief for dental patients with its simple ergonomic mouthpiece design. The Denta-Cool mouthpiece provides a better option for dentists and oral surgeons to reduce patients’ pain and swelling from the inside of the mouth. At Denta-Cool we believe that intraoral cryotherapy treatment for oral pain is a safe and effective alternative to ice chips and prescription drugs.

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The Denta-Cool™ mouthpiece is a drug-free oral cold therapy device used to manage and relieve pain and swelling inside the mouth. It is the only non-opioid oral pain and swelling relief that comfortably cools the entire mouth from the inside, providing effective relief after dental procedures.Buy Now